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A solitary however conceivably effective article in the 2010 Constitution could be NASA’s mystery card in hindering the rehash presidential surveys if their push for constituent changes hits a tangle.

Recently NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, declared that they will go to Anniversary Towers on Tuesday to throw out CEO Ezra Chiloba.

NASA claims Chiloba was the main man in rigging during the August 8 General Election in which Raila lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta by more than one million votes.

“We don’t fear going to the election. But we will only participate if the IEBC is reconstituted. Starting Tuesday, we will hold demonstrations outside the IEBC offices to remove Chiloba from office,” Raila said in Kawangware on Sunday.

Group of lawyers interviewed said that the article which makes it obligatory for a presidential vote to occur in all the 290 electorates could be the most important tool  for the NASA Coalition.

Article 138 (2) of the Constitution states, “if two or more candidates are nominated, an election shall be held in each constituency.”

This article, as indicated by a segment of attorneys, including some Jubilee-inclining advocates, implies that a decision might be viewed as invalid and void if a body electorate or a few voting demographics don’t take an interest.

NASA summons a huge following in no less than four of the past eight regions — Nyanza, Western, Coast and Lower Eastern.

Raila likewise appreciates a following in Turkana, Samburu and parts of Masaailand.

This implies if the Opposition prevails with regards to hindering the race from occurring in their territoryâ, they could triumph in blocking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second term.

On Friday, Raila said obviously the IEBC would not meet the irreducible minimums that NASA has set as conditions for taking an interest in the rehash presidential election.

With each passing day, its getting clear the conditions [reforms] won’t be met thus there might be no election. We won’t enable Uhuru to bring the nation down the ways of fizzled nations,€ Raila said.

Recently, Raila declared another methodology to expel the best appointive boss, including beset CEO Chiloba, through road dissents.

Without opening up on their political course of action, NASA Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya said that, to be sure, a presidential decision must be held in each and every body electorate.

For the race to consent to the Constitution, it must be held in each and every voting demographic. Its the reason the Constitution utilizes the term shall be held in each constituency, a Magaya said.


The Opposition boss said with their presentation of no decision without reform, the surveys would most likely happen in maybe a couple districts, similar to Uhuru’s Gatundu lawn.

There will be no decision on the grounds that if Kenyans won’t participate, it will most likely be led in maybe a couple locales and not every one of the districts of Kenya.

Source: The Star Kenya